2008 Garden Ganza Vendor Application - W

(A) Briefly describe the Garden product(s) you propose to sell, including price ranges and weight of heaviest items. Indicate if and how you will demonstrate your work.
(B) All applicants must exhibit or sell items relating to the garden theme. Artist/Crafter Garden Ganza applicants will be selected from photos. Garden Ganza Applications received without photos will be returned.
(C) A 74˘ self-addressed stamped 4 x 9˝” envelope must be included for return notification of acceptance/non-acceptance.
(D) Our receipt of this application does not guarantee your participation in the Show. Notifications will be sent on or around June 2, 2008. Payment must accompany application and will be refunded to those not accepted. A fee of $25 will be applied to all checks returned for insufficient funds.
(E) Proof of valid PA Sales Tax ID # must accompany application. Applications received without valid ID # will be returned.
(F) Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the participant.
(G) Applications received without signature and initials will be returned. See signature lines below.
(H) The undersigned agrees that he/she will comply with the Garden Ganza Rules and Regulations. Please *initial Rules & Regulations section below. Noncompliance will result in removal of the activity from the Show with no refund. The undersigned further certifies that he/she is the responsible party identified in the rules and that he/she is authorized to 1) execute on behalf of the group and 2) accept legal process on behalf of the group.
(I) The undersigned also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the , the Maytown Historical Society, staff members and volunteers of Garden Ganza, the Village of Maytown, East Donegal Township, Lancaster County, bus transportation owner/ operators, PA Department of Transportation and business owners and residents of the community. The aforementioned parties are not responsible for any injury, loss, damage, theft, breakage or destruction that may arise or come to the participant, their employees, relations, friends or property from any cause, whatsoever from this event. All public claims and liabilities levied against the participants are the sole responsibility of the participant.
* Signed __________________________________________________ *Date _______________________

Rules & Regulations
1. Streets close to the public at 7:00 am. Setup may not begin prior to 7:00 am and must be completed by 8:30 am with vehicles off the street as soon as possible. Participants arriving after 8:30 am will be turned away.
2. Participants must display for the duration of the show. Dismantling before 3:00 pm is prohibited. Insurance restrictions prohibit vehicles from entering or leaving the Show area unless the event is canceled by authorized personnel.
3. All display racks, tables, chairs and coverings must be provided by the participant. Tables must be covered to the ground with all packing etc. out of sight. Participants using generators must muffle them for sound.
4. Water and electricity are available for an additional fee to a limited number of vendors.
5. All food vendors must provide trash and recycling containers. These must be properly maintained for the public during the Show.
6. Participants must exhibit or sell items relating to the garden theme. Participants may only exhibit or sell in the category for- which they have applied (i.e., crafts may not sell food, food may not sell antiques, antiques may not sell crafts, etc.). Participants must exhibit or sell items from assigned space only.
7. Weapons, fireworks and any items considered dangerous or inappropriate are strictly prohibited, and will result in immediate removal of items.
8. Antiques must fit the acceptable standards for such. Reproductions, new merchandise (except collectibles) or crafts are prohibited and will result in immediate removal of items.
9. Participants are responsible for setup and cleanup of their assigned area.
10. Participants may not sublet space to anyone not named on the application.
11. Space requests cannot be guaranteed, however efforts will be made to accommodate them.
12. No Refunds. Expenses are covered in advance, therefore refunds cannot be granted for any reason (see Rain Policy below).
13. Failure to comply with any of the Garden Ganza Show Rules &, Regulations will jeopardize future participation.

*Please Initial: ___________ I have read, understand and agree to comply with the Rules & Regulations as stated above.
Rain & Wind Policy: As referenced in Rule 12, there will be no refunds for rain or wind. The Show’s policy for bad weather is as follows: Many shows have run well even with rain or wind. A one-hour wait period will be completed before calling the status of the Show. After that one-hour period, if the show is cancelled, a staff person will notify participants. Only then are vehicles allowed on the Show grounds. See Rules 2, 12 & 13.

Return signed and completed forms (2 pages) with Payment to:
the Maytown Historical Society, Garden Ganza Committee, P.O. Box 293, Maytown, PA 17550

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